What's New at Enjoying Radio

•  20161120: Updates to W9BRD Then and Now, including first mention of the QRP Boosted Pierce transmitter and a photograph of the utility AF amplifier/filter box, BGCD Regenerodyne receiver, and Morning 40 transmitter on line at W9BRD-2016.
•  20161118: Added schematic diagrams of "how to make it work better" modifications to A Cautionary Note on the McCoy "Mighty Midget" Transmitter.
•  20160701: Significant updates to 75 Years of the Boosted Pierce.
•  20160522: Began a page about not necessarily limiting oneself to using yesterday's tubes exactly as yesterday used them in The Ministry of Silly Tubes.
•  20160313: Added coverage of the Novice Rig Roundup Boosted Pierce transmitter to the pictures section.
•  20151224: Added a schematic of a switched cascoded-J310-JFETs mixer to A Hybrid Pentode-MOSFET Regenerative Mixer page.
•  20151219: Added the Notes on the Heathkit HW-16 Transceiver page, beginning with a description of how to replace the set's way-too-heavy tuning-drive spring with the spring from a ball-point pen.
•  20151121: Added the schematic diagram of the Untuned-Tuned-40 40-meter transmitter.
•  20151120: Added The Snug Ham Shack in Winter: Harry Hick's December 1956 QST Cover.
•  20151119: Updates to W9BRD Then and Now, including a photograph and description of amateur radio station W9BRD from 1940–1941.
•  20150809: Extensive revision, expansion, and rearrangement of Intrinsic Negative Resistance as a Cause of Parasitic Oscillations in Beam Power Tubes.

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