Notes on the Heathkit HW-16 Transceiver

A Lighter/Replacement Spring for the HW-16's Dial-Rim Tuning Drive

The HW-16's tuning-scale-rim dial drive uses a spring that's far heftier than necessary for positive dial-scale grab. This unnecessarily wears the dial-scale rim. Replacing the drive's stock spring with the spring from a ball-point pen is straightforward with a little re-juggling of the existing drive parts as shown in Figure 1. The spring-side brass pincher part is not used in the revised drive; the cup washer that retained the original spring at its C-clip end now performs that function.

Photograph of modified HW-16 dial-rim tuning drive.
Figure 1—I modified my HW-16's tuning-dial drive by disassembling, re-ordering, and reassembling its parts with its way-too-heavy pinch spring replaced with the spring from a ball-point pen. When remounting the drive I added behind- and in-front-of-the-panel 3/8-inch lockwashers to make the drive better hold its position during remounting and use.

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