As the being of World Itself,
One eternal, unitary, maximally subsuming Event occurs
In Whole undivided, unperceived, ununderstood,
And unmisunderstood.

The tool of Consciousness serves the survival needs of Creaturehood
      by perceiving and acting on the apparent Surface presented by Being
            as a problem to be solved,
Discerning only subsequently, and variably, through use of the subtools
      of memory, differentiation, and association,
            the existence, coupling, and operation
Of Property, Effect, and Cause.

The initial, default worldview afforded to Creaturehood by Perception
      is therefore magical,
Events, including those ascribable to Self, appearing merely to occur and Be
Without cause, effect, relationship, or significance—
Agentless, agencyless, undriven, undriving

What is Magic?
The ascription by Consciousness to Creature, Energy, Object, Idea, Symbol, or Event
      of fantastic Property, Cause, or Effect,
            a special case of Fantastic Cause being
                  the initial, default worldview of Causelessness, a worldview Fantastic
Because all is Effect
And all is Cause.

What is Superstition?
Fantasy that the fantasy of Magic has nonfantastic effect
Other than that ascribable to Action resulting from Superstition.

What is Science?
The instinctive supplanting of Superstition,
      through use of the Consciousness subtools of memory, differentiation, and association,
With knowledge of nonfantastic Property, Cause, and Effect.

What is Miracle?
Property, Cause, or Effect strategically ascribed Fantastic Cause
Athwart the instinct for Science.

What is a Magician?
One who, with the complicity of Audience,
Entertains by synthesizing Miracle.

What do Magician and Audience, both in the thrall of Magic
      and each in the thrall of the other,
            hold as the ultimate criterion for the failure of Magic?
The absence in the hat of the Expected Unexpected.

What is the true ultimate criterion for the failure of Magic?
Self-destruction of Creaturehood
      through exhaustion of Environment
            resulting from the mutual compulsion
                  of Audience and Magician
                        to seek ever greater, ever more elaborate

  Copyright © 2008 by David Newkirk ( All rights reserved.