The Opening of the Band

The end of hostilities. The thoughts of ham radio. The more careful reading of QST. The gossip at the store. The rumors of opening. The "confidential" dope. The official announcements.

The look at the rig. The trip to the cellar. The cobwebs. The return to the shack. The feeling of frustration. The search for the old notes. The incomplete notes. The superseded notes. The decision to fire up. The decision not to fire up. The trip to the back yard. The forgotten lengths of feeders. The standing around. The cold feet. The consulting of the Handbook. The design for the antenna. The lack of insulators. The trip to the store. The laying out of the antenna. The building of same. The lousy solder. The rotted rope. The robbing of the clothesline. The pruning of interfering bushes.

The changing of coils. The connecting up of the oscillator. The closing of the switch. The brightness of the plate. The indifference of the crystal. The search for a neon. The cleaning of the crystal. The soup in the tank. The soup in the doubler. The lack of soup in the driver. The open grid leak. The dirty contacts. The shorted filter condenser. The grid mils in the final. The soup in the final.

The lengthening of the feeders. The shortening of the feeders. The return of memory. The amps in the feeders. The tightening of the coupling. The loosening of the coupling. The proper plate mils.

The check of the note. The blocking of the receiver. The scrapy condensers in the receiver. The carbon tet. The pipe cleaner. The listening to the note. The chirp of the oscillator. The hum on the note. The wobble in the note. The boiling of electrolytics. The molten wax. The replacement of parts. The sweet note.

The calling of CQ. The second calling of CQ. The third calling of CQ. The intensive listening-in. The calling of a local. The answer of the local. The entry in the log. The working of the second local. The renewal of acquaintances. The same old baloney.

The decision to get on 'phone. The lack of speech power. The investigation of the S. A. The molten wax. The open grids. The lack of bias. The replacement of parts. The failure of same. The suspicions of the mike. The borrowing of a mike. The power in the Class B. The feedback. The monkeying around. The feedback. The grounding of this. The grounding of that. The feedback. The shielding of this. The carefully found mike position. The "one-two-three-four." The changing of the coupling. The feedback. The lengthening of the feeders. The shortening of the antenna. The final adjustment. The calling of a local. The answer by a W5. The same old baloney. The thrill of the same. The first QSL card. Boy, we're in business!

R. B. Bourne. W1ANA, Maxim Silencer Company, Hartford, Connecticut from QST, March 1946, page 28.