You Will Know You Are Grown

We are fireflies
      dancing on a summer's eve
The light of each capable
      of illuminating, from its vantage, all Being—
            for one can welcome to one's Gladness
                  everything Unknown
                        and Known

Look! Now and again see
      two of the dancing lights come close,
            to make a new light appear
                  and dance,
                        before they, also, fade—
Such a gift, these bodies
      no less promising of Eternity than stars

You will know you are grown
When, having cast your light on all Creation
      you respond to its reflection
            with neither protest nor regret
Glad of having been awakened
      to the scented air
            the hush of dusk
                  the brush of another's wing

December 18–19, 2003, and March 30, 2004 Copyright © 2003, 2004 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.