Darwin, Tesla, Einstein, first they asked you, didn't they:
"Didn't It come to you in a flash?"?
And then did you try to explain that it was always there, and so
      never could have "come," that you were born to It
            in "a flash"?

We always appear to gain Knowledge of
      Being's nucleus
By slipping up an orbit into Space.
But isn't it really only on up to
      a next-higher valence, only
            ready to throw sparks or light more easily,
To which I go into orbit
      in this atom of a Life: to a new spot

In someone's thumbnail,
In a corner of carrot,
      a nylon sleeve; me:
            a sailor within
                  the ring of fire that's
Strung through children,
      stone, radio, jazz
And air?

I met you when I heard someone say that "All will be revealed,"
      and you appeared, to smile
That All could never be "revealed"
If it was always there!

Copyright © 1978, 2004 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.