The Two Othernesses

We experience the reality of Otherness two ways:
One mode is perceiving and/or otherwise reacting to emanations from another, non-collocated Now—
      acoustic emissions or electromagnetic emissions,
            of which Touch, the immediate encountering of physicality by physicality,
                  is a special case—
                        and/or perception of the effects of another, non-collocated Now—
                              reflection, refraction, fluorescence, gravitational deflection or bending—
                                    on the emanations of yet other non-collocated Nows.
For many of us, the experience of Otherness as it is apparent through emanations from non-collocated Nows
      seems to be the more compelling
            because our physical senses exist largely that we may navigate the External
                  and winnow its news
                        away from Threat
                        toward Sustenance, Shelter, Society, and Reproduction.

Yet our second mode of experiencing Otherness—
       our living of our heirship to a progression of Stateness—that is, to collocated Otherness—
              across Entropic Time
                    as Stone Now is the successor to Stone One Nanosecond Ago
                    as River Now is the successor to River One Second Ago
                    as You Now are the successor to You Yesterday
                    as You After are the successor to Your Parents Before
                    as Your Children Then succeed You Now
                          through an unbroken stream
                                of the continuum-succession of Stateness
                                      of the unfolding in Being
                                            of Creaturehood—
Is primary, for it is as both heir to and bequeather of Stateness
       that we not only see but are
The Unfolding that is Universe.

Such is the conundrum faced by poet,
                     astronomer, and
Everything happens Precisely Once
At no time other than Precisely Now
In no place other than Precisely Here
       and yet the experiencing of Otherness suggests

Copyright © 2007 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.