As child forms and grows in mother through the application neither
      of expertise nor volition,
The structures, instincts, and usages of body reiteratively reforming, recoalescing,
      and interoperating across generations
            through neither expertise nor volition,
Hair, skin, and nails renewing, injuries healing, eyes perceiving
      the necessary Visible rather than the optional Invisible
            through neither expertise nor volition,
So Consciousness, housed in preconscious Body embedded in unconscious Universe
Is not the driver/owner/master of its subsuming Unconsciousness
But its tool.

So the Absolute Value of the seemingly whimsical, seemingly free-willed vagaries of Consciousness lies
In the maintenance and perpetuation of its unconscious, deterministic Vessel;
So all operations and traffickings of Mind begin and end
In, and in the service of,

As surely as Cloud occurs and must occur as and whenever the conditions necessary for Cloud obtain,
So each new Johnson refutes the World-blind and -blinding confectionizing of each new Berkeley
By kicking a stone

Copyright © 2010 by David Newkirk ( All rights reserved.