The Other Reason for Mortality

I wanted to drop them at last, these carefully hoarded memories. I wanted to strew them like the blue plums in some gesture of love toward the universe all outward on a mat of leaves. Rich, rich and not to be hoarded, only to be laid down for someone, anyone, no longer to be carried and remembered in pain like the delicate paw lying forever on the beach in Curaçao.—Loren Eiseley, The Unexpected Universe

It is not only that the process and subprocesses of Creaturehood body go on
      to increasingly falter in maintaining their integrity across—
            in remaining in step with—
                  Entropic Time
But also that Creaturehood mind increasingly fails to comply
      with the navigation of What Is
            as Perception is increasingly occluded
                  by the accretion of Memory.

Both of these special cases of the same generality
      are evidence of the infallible intrinsic wisdom of Life,
            which, existing subject to the inevitable warpage and dissolution of Structure
                  across Entropic Time,
                        developed The Strategy Of The Individual,
                              distributing Process across multiple Individuals,
                                    renewing Process in a new instance of Individual at Conception
                                          and terminating a depleted instance of Process in Individual
At death,
Death, far from being a flaw or failure, with Conception, part of the same Strategy,
      the average life span of Individual for a given species—
            which, in effect, determines the minimum temporal resolution at which Selection operates
                  in correcting the trajectory of Life's flow across Entropic Time—
                        also part of this Adaptation of Life to the exigencies of Entropic Time,
                              having, in effect, been arrived at no less through Negotiation
Between Creaturehood and Environment.

The Strategy Of The Individual:
"From Another, You;
From You, Another;
If not Another, You;
If not You, Another."

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