The Apparency of the Solitary Building

In no aspect
      from no angle
            are the myriad lives participant
                  in a seemingly solitary building
                        visible in the Now
                              to its builders
                                    or users.

Such sight is not mystical,
      its mechanism, Virtualization of and on the actual,
            not mysticism:
Any construct, any object, any creature
      is a record, a testament to, an artifact-resultant of
            the participance in its Being
                  of every energy, substance, effect
                        and agent that acts and has acted
                              in its course, vector, presence, and history.

Unlike fossilness,
      which the human intellect unfolds into fact-discontinuous knowledge
            of forms and types of past Life, or evidence,
                  remnants, and resultants of past Life,
Participance can be unfolded
      as both reportage—a record—of constituence
            and as a predictor of the conditionality of futurity.

Copyright © 2006 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.