Standing Water

In flowing from place to place, a river
Flows from time to time.

Born of water, we
Are yet water-borne
Yet we think how clever we became
To learn, like the diving-beetle, to carry our own air
Whenever to the underwater we return
But in seemingly having left that realm forever
Non-aquatic Life learned a way no less
To carry its sea within
And thus water found a way to flow
In places where there can be no river
At times when there is no sea.

All life as we know it
Is Water, hidden, flowing
Man's bestowal to Woman, a water-gift
Woman's to Child, the womb-warm Sea
The gift of both, equally to each other and their kind
A new water-bearer newly, renewedly flowing
To time beyond their time.

And we think how prescient we have lately become
To know now to look for other Life among the stars
By searching first for water
When we are ancient River ever knowing
To seek truer home in wider Sea.

Copyright © 2007 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.