He showed me a chart of the musical scale.
"Here, right here." He pointed. "If you imagine all past, present and
      possible human existences, thoughts and actions, on the scale
            of all past, present and possible events in the universe—you
                  understand, of course, that this is but a symbolization—our
                        part fits into the span of a microtone."
I thought then: of the weight we give to morals,
      of the movement within us at the sound of a dear song.
"Doesn't all we enjoy," he continued, "seem so infinite in dynamics? On
      a similar scale of intensity, the difference between human being
            and nonbeing would not approach the rustle of a thought.
"Now that I have shown you this,
      you will have to find another home."

Copyright © 1980, 2004 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.