Radii (Conclusion)

In the winter of 1979–80
      when I commuted from Norridge to Niles by bus
            and did the final half-mile on foot
                  through the courtyard of a two-story motel
                        walking day after day under the porch-accessway
                              of upper units
I saw in the deep of February
      an outside-but-sheltered faucet left dripping
            and in the circle of evaporating water beneath it,
                  in colored rings at differing radii
                        from the steaming dropfall,

Across the gradient from "warm enough to steam in winter"
      to the sparkle of frost to beyond-frozen dry
Algaes and perhaps bacteria
      differing in requirement of and tolerance to moisture
            and cold
                  found their niches in circles defined by boundary conditions:
Colored rings of differing radii—

Days running I watched the rings deepen
      in color and delineation
Until a day
      when I saw that the faucet had been turned more tightly
            its drip ceasing
And the warm island
      its bustling and burgeoning

This was not the end of the story
For as its witness
I was part of the story,
I and It subsumed by a What Is extant
            during, and
With and without—

And yet our Having Been—
      our having contributed to Being's unfolding
            and therefore to the Stateness
                  of every subsequent state of Being—
Would be,

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