Having mapped
      a perceived function or relation to a conceptual grid
            neither indicates nor proves Griddedness
                  or tendency toward or any objective relationship with Griddedness
                        as an intrinsic characteristic
Of that Mapped.
Through this understanding I map back to Operative
      the panhuman tendency and ability
            to map perceived Spacedness
                  to a conceptual grid called Space
                        and perceived Timedness
                               to a conceptual grid called Time.

In positing the curving of Spacetime in the presence of relatively great Mass,
      Einstein posited also
            two sublimely fundamental facts:
Though there is—though we can perceive—Spacedness, there is no such thing
      as Space
Though there is —though we can perceive—Timedness, there is no such thing
      as Time
The generality of which the Einsteinian curved-spacetime geodesic
      followed by an object in proximity
            to large Mass is but a special case
Is the panuniversally, utterly straight trajectory-line
      of Necessity,
            the magnitude of its Vector determined eternally
                  neither by Chance
                        nor Supernature
But by The Innate Compellingness Of The Intrinsic,
      adherence to its absolute, alternativeless Discipline
            guaranteeing, also panuniversally,
                  its eternal, unvaryingly fractally discoverable resultant:

Students of Entropy, seek you a new language, new words, to
      describe that which you perceive as dispersion
            toward Disorderedness, for Orderedness
                  can neither increase
                        nor decrease
                              but is constant and discoverable as fundamental
                                    exactly to the fullest extent of our utmost fractal delving
                                          into the Sublime
For Orderedness is the Universal,
Of The Innate Compellingness Of The Intrinsic.

Students, adepts, profiteers of Personality,
            in the limitless malleability of the Psychological:
Seeing cogently
      The Innate Compellingness Of The Intrinsic
            readies one to understand creaturehood Brain
                  as localized Amplifier-Transducer
                        of Compellingness and Compelledness,
The seemingly now wandering, now jittery,
      now hesitant, now purposeful,
            now headlong Line
                  described by its host
                        across Spacedness and
Mapping nonetheless to the utterly straight geodesic
      of Necessity, its Vector determined
            no less inexorably and alternativelessly
                  than the particulars of the vast transactions of galaxies
By The Innate Compellingness Of The Intrinsic.

Copyright © 2009 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.