No Path to Stability

No path to stability exists
      through the operation of human intelligence
            because the purpose of Intelligence
                  is the steering of navigation
                        through spacetimematterenergy
                              and because the navigation-hunger of human intelligence,
                                    seemingly singularly among creatures,
As much compels Creaturehood
      to force World-Picture to move
As it compels Creaturehood movement
      through World-Picture.

So is the intrinsic Creaturehood compelledness toward Navigation
The root of both Boredom
And Progress.

Changing Creature to fit Condition
      through the distributed, Intelligenceless genius of Evolution
            the mechanism of Life-Being
                  is unimprovable and maximally dynamic and efficient
                        for the cost of its adjustments is charged in real time
                              through mortality of failed Individual
                                    to the life-processes

Changing Condition to fit Creature, the way of socialized human intelligence,
      is in the ultimate a path to self- and world-destruction
            because the localized immediacy of its gains is overmatched
                  by its unperceived, accruing, distributed

There is no path to Stability
      through the operation of human intelligence
            because Intelligence operates rather
                  to produce Instability
                        that Life might locomote
                              to its fullest possible conformance with,
                                    to the greatest expansion of its envelope within,
Boundary Condition.

Copyright © 2009 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.