Let it occur to you today to consider
      how much of your landscape, external and
Is based on fantasy in any form.

Let it further occur to you to consider
      your response to the unavailability of
            each of the forms of fantasy you have identified
                  as components of your life—
Bearing in mind that because you have been trained since
      infancy to substitute one for another smoothly
            you may not readily be aware from moment to moment
                  what is fantastic and what is not,
                        and the idea of your having experience in dealing with the unavailability of fantasy
                              may be alien to you.

Let it now occur to you—let it never stop occurring to you
      to ask yourself how and why you came to be taught
            to so desperately hunger for the unreal.
Let it occur to you now and always
      to discover what awaits you
            in Life lived in understanding
What Is.

Copyright © 2004 by David Newkirk ( All rights reserved.