You live
A skull thrust forward toward danger,
A hand thrown out for Sex
      or amusement

I want nothing of you that is afraid or
      amazed with itself—
Give me no music
That is amazed with itself.

When you become a fossil, it
      will be easy for the diggers to extrapolate
            from your fear-clawed hand
                  and clear that you needed to laugh, and
                        reproduce yourself

So fool them.
Make it known, through your mere trail in the mud,
      and your remains in the shale,
That you followed a dream
      and loved
            things and people that needed no loving, or resisted
                        your care

"Among some million fossils, one we found
      had lived as though a creature came prepared
            to know what it was here to do."

June 20, 1977 Copyright © 1977, 2004 by David Newkirk. All rights reserved.