Freedom is not the living of the ideal that one can or should be able to do anything, or live or travel, anywhere, with anyone, without constraint, forever—not the living by Creaturehood of delusive, subjective exploration and expansion of whimsical possibilities and permutations of Action, not the remaking of Self and World to mirror the vagaries of Thought. That fantasy of Freedom results in deepening enslavement to Sensation and drives destruction of Environment—ultimately, therefore, self-destruction of Creaturehood—as the limited, conditional Real is wideningly looted to abet the fantasy of Unlimitedness.

Freedom is the healthy living of the widest possible perception of Perception.

"It cannot be that simple," you may be thinking—because you do not understand what you have just read, much less your own life and the world that gives you your life and in which your life proceeds. You would like to read more about Freedom—just enough to allow you to finish dismissing it and return to the fantasy life you were taught as a child to hunger for and ramifyingly build. Unaware of the role in Perception played by magic, you would like to return to elaborating and being applauded for Belief even though Belief makes no agency actual that is not and no agency that is already actual more actual.

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