Fantastic Authority

Hated and injured by absolute, life-or-death essential Authority in the real,
      the child, proceeding unawakened, may later seek and welcome, if not devote itself outright to producing,
            inventions of absolute, life-or-death fantastic Authority,
                  his or her helplessness and choicelessness
                        before inescapably real Authority in childhood
                              later replaced by publicly pious, grimly servile voluntary fealty
                                    to fantastic Authority
In adulthood.

So it was that again and again the author Hesse imagined and framed the encountering
      by self-unbeknownst Disciple disillusioned by World
            of loving, World-nullifying yet -affirming
The inculcated hatred—which is always self-hatred
      because Injured Child, utterly dependent on Injuring Authority for survival,
            must recast all actions of Injuring Authority as Good
                  and all depredations by Injuring Authority as therefore Deserved—
More furtive in the misogynistic, sadomasochistic projections of C. S. Lewis;
More desolate in the barren journals of Hammarskjöld.

As Fantastic Authority succors the Injured and rewards The Deserving Good, so also
      Fantastic Authority punishes the Injuring—lovingly,
            always lovingly, regardless of how lethally—thus rewarding The Deserving Bad.
Just as Real Authority is insufficient
      to Child Unawakened, so
            is Real World, the Natural, insufficient as a field of
                  action, operation and effect
                        for Fantastic Authority, and so it is
That the further inventions of Supernature, Fantastic Time,
      and Fantastic Self
Must follow:

Supernature, the imaginary spacetimematterenergy realm
      in and through which Fantastic Authority exists and acts;
Fantastic Time, the beginningless, endless unfoldingness
      across which Fantastic Authority rewards or punishes Fantastic Self;
Fantastic Self, the beginningless, endless, personally unique Vessel
      of Deserving Injuredness and Deserving Injuringness,
            such an Eternal Self being necessary
                  if Reward and Punishment by Fantastic Authority are to be Eternal and inescapable
                        through the ending of Real Self
                              in natural death.

That Fantastic Authority is always imagined as insatiable—Rewarding eternally, Punishing eternally—
      is a stark clue to both the nature of the depth of Injury done to Child
            by illegitmately hateful Real Authority
                  and to the irremediability of that Injury through legitimate hatred
                        as the necessary salutary driver of Action
                              toward fleeing, fighting, or negating

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