The First Novice Round-Up

Coming Up!
January 12th to 27th

Call all Novice hams! Here's your chance to get your brand on some of those hard-to-get QSL cards. ARRL takes pleasure in announcing this new operating activitty for the new hands. Old-timers are invited to take part and give the newcomers contacts. Certificate awards will be given to the highest-scoring Novice in each ARRL section (see page 6). This is your opportunity to test and build your operating skill. A contest premium on working stations has been found to improve code speed, procedure ability and operating know-how as nothing else can.

The Round-Up will start on Saturday, January 12th, at 6:00 P.M., local time, and end on Sunday, January 27th, at 9:00 P.M., local time. There will be a time limit of 40 hours of operation. This can be used up in the first week end or spread out over the entire contest period. Activity will be limited to the 80-, 11- and 2-meter bands.

Watch for complete announcement in January QST. For extra scoring credits, it is to your advantage to quality in one of the code proficiency qualifying runs from W1AW. WØTQD or W6OWP (Dec. 7th and 19th, Jan. 5th and 17th) if possible by Round-up time. In the meantime, send ARRL Headquarters your request for a free map of the United States and contest log and reporting forms for the Novice Round-up. This map can be posted in your shack to keep a visual check on your worked-all-states progress.

Get the chuck-wagon loaded with coffee, keep the branding iron hot and let 'er rip!

Don't forget, complete details in January QST.

From QST, December 1951, page 10. The author is unattributed, but the choppy, almost non-sequiturial style especially in the first paragraph suggests to me that at least the first draft of this notice was written by F. E. Handy, W1BDI, then Communications Manager of ARRL.—W9BRD