A Simple Dream of Love

In our simple dream of Love,
We meet,
Walk together,
Rear children,
Bow to each other,
And die.

What encloses us
      as we meet?
What encloses us
      as we walk?
What encloses us
      as we touch?
What encloses us
      as we stammer,
            sure that the other
                  cannot be thanked
What encloses us
      in the glad silence
            of Life's ending?

What encloses us,
      what Current runs in us,
            what apart from our own Dream
                  comprises us
                        before we dream
                              as we dream
                                    after we have dreamed
Our simple dream of Love?

December 17–20 and 31, 2004 Copyright © 2005 by David Newkirk (DavidNewkirk@gmail.com). All rights reserved.